After serving Topeka, Lawrence, and the surrounding communities for over 40 years, the owners of Paramount Pest Control have chosen to join their company with Green Pest Solutions. Two of the Paramount owners, Sandy Shull and Alan Hildreth, will be retiring, while the third owner, Bryon Arb, will continue serving customers with Green Pest Solutions. Debbie, one of the Paramount office managers, will also be retiring.

All of us at Green Pest Solutions are honored that Sandy, Alan, and Bryon have chosen our company to continue providing the personal, high-quality pest and termite services Paramount customers expect. Their business has been a part of our community for many years, and we are committed to continuing their tradition of excellence.

Our number one goal at Green Pest Solutions is to make this transition as seamless as possible for Paramount customers. The knowledge of the company and the industry Bryon brings with him will be especially valuable as we join the two companies.

FAQs for Paramount Customers

Will my service change?

No. Your service program, frequency, and price will remain the same. You will see the name of your program change to the Thrive Program.

Do I have to pay for call backs between my regular services?

No. Green Pest Solutions offers a Pest-Free, Worry-Free Guarantee. We’ll come back, even outside of normally scheduled visits, at no cost to you until all of your pests are gone.

What pests are covered in my service?

We treat for ants, spiders, rodents, roaches, crickets, stinging insects, fleas, silverfish, beetles, centipedes, and other occasional invaders as part of our pest services.

Green Pest Solutions also provides separate service programs for termites, bed bugs, moles/voles, and small animal capture, as well as yard services to protect your outdoor space from mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas, and ticks.

Is my termite warranty still valid?

Green Pest Solutions will honor all termite service warranties, meaning if your property is under warranty and termites are found, we will treat for termites at no additional cost to you.

Is the Paramount name changing?

Unfortunately, we are not legally allowed by the state of Kansas to operate two companies with different names under the same pesticide business license. We will serve all customers as Green Pest Solutions.

Will I have the same technician?

You may likely see a change in your technician, with Sandy and Alan retiring. Your technician will be easily identified as from Green Pest Solutions by their uniform shirt and ID badge, as well as their logo’d vehicle. All our technicians pass a background check and are licensed by the state of Kansas.

Do I still pay my technician after my service? Who do I make the check out to?

Yes, you can still pay your technician at the time of service, or you can mail a check to the Green Pest Solutions office. We also offer online payment options, including credit card and automatic withdrawal payments. Our customer care team will be happy to help you set up online payments.

All payments will be made to Green Pest Solutions. They should be mailed to 4100 SW 40th Street, Topeka, KS  66610.

How do I know when my service is scheduled?

If your service is currently set for the same day each service, that will remain the same. For example, if you always receive service on the 2nd Monday, that will not change. If you don’t have a pre-set schedule, we will contact you to schedule your service.

Who is Green Pest Solutions?

Green Pest Solutions is the sister company of Schendel Lawn & Landscape. At Green Pest Solutions, we don’t think of ourselves as exterminators. We may provide pest management services, but our vision is to provide people with environments where they feel safe, healthy, and at ease. That’s why we’re passionate about finding safer, more effective pest solutions for residential and commercial spaces, where our customers live and grow, without worry of pests or unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. GPS takes all factors into consideration, and works with customers to create an effective, and affordable, plan of action that aligns with their individual needs and concerns. We may be a new name, but our innovative solutions are rooted in 70 years of experience.

You can learn more about Green Pest Solutions by visiting our website at

Where is Green Pest Solutions located?

We share an office with Schendel Lawn & Landscape and have offices in Topeka and Lawrence. Our office in Topeka is at 4100 SW 40th Street (formerly Blackburn Nursery). Our office in Lawrence is located at 1770 E 1100 Road.

To contact Green Pest Solutions, please call 785-596-0446 or email us at [email protected].

Is Green Pest Solutions or Schendel Lawn & Landscape affiliated with Schendel Pest Services?

No. In the past, there was a mutual owner between Schendel Lawn & Landscape and Schendel Pest Services, but that is no longer the case. There is no common ownership or relationship with Schendel Pest, and there has never been any relationship between Green Pest Solutions and Schendel Pest.